on the participation of INCDMTM and APROMECA – EMC of MECHATREC Cluster, at

the Call Launch Event: “Seed Money Facility -

Transnational Danube Program ” event organized by MDRAPFE,

at the headquarters of the University of Bucharest – Faculty of Law, dated 10.10.2017



INCDMTM and APROMECA took part in the launch event information call: “Seed Money Facility – Danube Transnational Program” by the following representatives: Eng. Ileana Tăcutu from the “Office of International Projects” and Eng. Florentina BADEA from the Department of “Strategy, Marketing”.


The event was moderated by Magdalena VOINEA ( ) – Head of the MDRAPFE Service and aimed to bring together the representatives of the central public authorities and the representatives of the RDI environment to inform the public about the launch of the call: “Seed Money Facility” within the Danube Transnational Program.


This competition was launched on 02.10.2017 and has a deadline for submission on-line the date of 07.12.2017, but the project proposal, in pdf format, developed and saved from the submission application / about-dTP / dTP-ems should be sent by 08.11.2017 to the Coordinator of the Project Priority Area (PA) in order to check the compliance with the AP objective, in order to receive the “Enrollment Letter”.


The seed money projects will follow the principle of the Project Leader (which must come from a Member State), will be implemented by a partnership of min. 2 – max. 5 partners from at least 2 partner countries. They will have a maximum budget of 50,000 Euros (of which 85% ERDF = 42,500 euro and 15% national co-financing = 7,500 euro – of which 13% from MDRAPFE and 2% co-financing from partners) and will be implemented over a period of 12 months.


Both within the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (SUERD) and within the Transnational Danube Program, Romania participates with the whole territory, as organizations from all counties of the country are being able to develop and participate in transnational projects.

Within the Danube Transnational Program, two calls for “seed money facility” (SMF) projects will be launched to develop projects with a major impact in the macro-region and three projects will be funded each Priority Axis.


Eligible applicants are:

–           local, regional or national public entities, and or entities governed by public law;

–           international organizations;

–           private non-profit entities;


The Program area covers 14 countries:

– 9 EU member countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Baden Württemberg and Bavaria, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia);

– 5 non-EU countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia and parts of Ukraine).


All the documents related to this Program can be found on the Program’s website: .


More information can be obtained from the Joint Secretariat: .


Thus, at this event were attended by the following representatives of the public authorities:


1) Ms Andreea Pena (e-mail: ) – Expert Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds – MDRAPFE, presented general information about the Danube Transnational Program:

– DTP, noting that this Program should not be confused with the Danube Strategy – SUERD;

– In order to develop a good project, all the Program documents must be read and keywords should be used;

– The activities of each Priority Axis can be project ideas;

– These projects are not infrastructure projects;

– NGOs and SMEs are eligible for some calls,

– For this call – SMF, SMEs are not eligible;

– The applicant must be from an EU country and non-EU states may be a budgeted partner in the project. Also, Associate Strategic Partners – ASP, who do not have their own budget, but their participation is supported by the budget of another partner – only travel expenses for participating in the project meetings;

– Starting with this appeal, Romania grants an advance of 40% of the 13% representing the national participation;


2) Mr. Lucian PETRESCU – Professor, University of Bucharest, presented the project: “Valorisation of the Geological Patrimony for the Development of Tourism in Geoparks”, which aims at improving the management capacity in the geoparks in the Danube region;

– coordinator is Slovenia; RO is a partner through the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics; there are 11 partners from 8 countries; there are also 3 ASP partners: France, Finland and Portugal;

– the project has a duration of 30 months, a budget of 1,666,362 EU and is implemented in 8 geoparks in the Danube region;

– 6 stages – Work Packages: WP1 – Management; WP2 – Communication activities; WP3 – Territory Analysis; WP4 – Product development; WP5 – Exchange of good practice and application development; WP6 – Mountaineering Plan and Promotion Campaigns;


3) Ms. Alina MIHALACHE ( ) – Expert Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds – MDRAPFE, presented the specificity of the Seed Money Facility – SMF:

– the projects considered within the CMS projects can be submitted to any national or international program;

– the projects must be strategic and address only some of the main SUERD Axes;

– the forms to be submitted for CMS projects are simpler, presenting three aspects:

– status of the project scope, description of the existing situation and description of the target group (very concrete);

– the description of the activities, the expected results from the project we want to achieve and an indicative budget;

– a report on funding opportunities (where we want to submit, etc.) and the steps to follow;

– Note: costs for first level auditing need to be planned, but for RO partners, these costs should not be considered, as this is done by MDRAPFE;

– 100 EU costs for posters to be posted (minimum 1 poster of A3 format) must be planned;

– SMEs are not eligible for this call;

– can be max. 2 ASP partners (who may be future budget partners in the future project) from EU or non-EU countries need to add value to the project, but the cost of moving them will be borne by another project partner;

– staff costs are real; directed by 15% of staff costs; external expertise and services, transportation and accommodation are funded;

– the projects will probably start in the summer of 2018 and will end in the summer of 2019, so the future sources of funding for the projects to be prepared under the CMS project are the 2020-2030 programs and other funding sources: H2020, COSME, policy post 2020 cohesion, etc.;

– projects must be > 65 points to be funded and only 5 projects for each Priority Axis are admitted;

– RO grants 13% co-financing;

– only one final report (financial report + technical report) is made, and the first level control is provided by MDRAPFE;

– reimbursement of expenses is made after the final report of each partner is submitted!!!

– projects that prepare for this money = SMF, must be transnational, strategic and complex and respond to the Danube Strategy -SUERD; they will later participate in other competitions, in the same partnership or in a different partnership, and when participating in national programs, each partner must develop his piece of project;


4) Mr Gheorghe CONSTANTIN ( ) – Expert with the Ministry of the Environment – Coordinator of Priority Axis 5, presented the priorities specific to this axis:

–   RO and HU are the coordinators of this main focus on environmental management;

– management plans must address all possible risks: floods, drought, accidental pollution; forest fires, etc.;

– AP5 actions:

  • developing a management plan;
  • supporting measures to mitigate flood risks, drought, etc.;
  • alert systems;
  • emergency aid cooperation, etc.;


5) Ms Cristina CUC (phone:  072362173; or ) – Experts from the Ministries of Transport – Coordinator Priority Axis 1 presented the priorities specific to this axis:

– RO and AT are the coordinators of this main axis, which is concerned with transport management;

– water transport is the most environmentally friendly, compared to road or air transport;

– in the case of shipping along the Danube, must:

– solving obstacle problems,

– improved nodes and built ports with multi-modal terminals;

– developed applications for mobile phones for information on cargo ships;

– the human resource must be developed, young people should be stimulated to become navigators, etc.

– website: ;

– the Ministry of Transport issues “alignment letters” for AP1;

– SMF projects for AP1 has 3 themes of interest:

  • improvement of navigation conditions;
  • fleet modernization;
  • reducing administrative barriers (no rules differ from one state to another, data systems being used by all port authorities, etc.);



The web address of the event, where all presentations will be uploaded:


We appreciate that the mentioned event will open new opportunities for collaboration for the development of future successful projects and will create the premises for the economic, territorial and scientific development of Romania and the Danube Region.


Drawn by,

Ileana Tacutu


Date: 13.10.2017